Hitting it big at the casino is something most of us can only dream of. Sure, you might log on to Paddy Power casino and finish up £10 richer or even £100 richer, but you never really expect to make it to a cool million just playing casino games. But just because it’s statistically incredibly unlikely doesn’t me that it’s impossible! Which is why we’ve got this excellent infographic that helps break down the odds and probabilities so, if you really absolutely need to turn £10 into £1 Million by gambling, we can give you the best options to choose from to make sure you get the result you’re looking for.

It’s worth mentioning that the odds are going to be estimated as best we can but different casinos and different games will have different odds and pay-out ratios so we can’t give you a perfect answer. We’ve also not included the lottery because the odds are both a lot longer and likely to return you tens of millions not a straight million so we didn’t include them. But if you really need to win a million off of a tenner, these are the games to look for!

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