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Jackpot … about him dreaming, waiting for him, he dominates the minds and blood of everyone who likes to gamble. But what we know about the tempting prize, which is the dream of millions? Let’s see …
In the opinion of most historians, the phenomenon of “Jackpot” was born along with gambling in ancient China. In Europe, the first mention of gambling dates back to the XIV century, and to the XIX they were massively distributed throughout and mutated to a modern form, together with them has undergone changes and the jackpot itself.

So what is a jackpot? This gain, the amount of which can be strictly fixed, any increase from the drawing to the drawing, until it is played. Today, there are a lot of gambling, which can draw the “main prize” – it’s a lottery and slot machines and bingo, and even roulette.

The variety of games

Casino Online

Bingo. Homeland of this game is considered to be Italy. Jackpot Bingo – a player bets. But in this game there are exceptions in the form of separate rooms, where participants act out a prize pool, which is fixed. The bingo is offered not one winning combination. Usually of a few. The biggest win in bingo in the amount of $ 133.639 million received Dorothy Black, a resident of the United States.

Lottery. The first lottery appeared in Egypt in the distant era of the pharaohs and pyramids. Those lottery, which we gladly giving away today, have a lot of differences from each other. But in any lottery has a jackpot. It can be obtained only if all the winning combinations will be in the same playing field. The jackpot in the lottery can reach several million.

Poker. In some types of card games and found the jackpot. Here it is formed by players betting. To win it is only one player who has appeared in the hands of the most powerful combination.

Casino Online

Slot-machine. That’s where the real variety of jackpots! Each gambling establishment is a few dozen slot machines. They are all linked together and participate in the formation of the main prize.

Variety of jackpots

Many gambling jackpot depends on luck, that is, only the purchase of a ticket depends on the player and no more. Some gambling player assesses the situation and take any decision.

Today is very popular progressive jackpot, which increases with the size of each game until the moment until the lucky break a big jackpot.
Fixed jackpot – a specific amount which is received by the winner. Number of playing the lottery and the number of steps does not affect this amount. This type of lottery jackpot, though less popular than his brother, but still in demand.

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