Gambling And Affiliate Marketing Growth In 2019

Gambling And Affiliate Marketing Growth In 2019

The online gambling space has changed a great deal throughout 2018 which is mainly due to new technology allowing for brand new concepts to take place. Another fundamental change has been that Governments around the world are becoming more favorable to allowing gambling to take place under a regulatory framework instead of an outright ban. This is great news for internet casino sites as it opens the doors to attract new players. It will also hopefully help to put an end to the huge black market that was created due to making this form of entertainment illegal.

The major growth so far in 2018 has been seen in the mobile gaming sector with apps for placing bets and playing casino games on the rise. This sector has outgrown all others in the gambling industry and with smartphone technology improving at rapid speed, expect to see it continue to outgrow the other sectors.

Since the introduction of Bitcoin a new sector in the gambling industry has been created and now cryptocurrency gambling is estimated to be worth up to 10% of the total worldwide gambling revenue. It is not just a payment option as casinos have implemented blockchain technology that has created a new provably fair platform along with other benefits such as anonymity. In 2019 this industry will continue to grow as products enter the marketplace that benefits players around the globe.

Casino affiliate partners have never had it so good which has been fuel by the boom in the online competition for places. Casinos are willing to offer a higher revenue share partnerships in order to gain the exposure required to generate new players. Due to the amount of new gambling technology been released every month, it has created a new market that affiliates can focus which has created niche marketing for platforms such as crypto casinos.

So far virtual reality casinos have not taken off but that is about to change in 2019. Companies such as Microsoft and Facebook have been investing millions in VR tech which should help the industry to become mainstream within the next 5 to 10 years. It is not just virtual reality that is been used to create gambling environments as augmented reality is also at our doorsteps thanks to companies such as Majic Leap. Expect to see in influx of this format of the game along with prices for the technology falling dramatically by 2020.


It is a big year for the industry in 2019 as more countries start allowing gambling to take place. In the USA many states are starting to overturn restrictions so in the years to come to expect America to become one of the main hubs for online casinos and sports betting sites. Blockchain technology will continue to transform the industry offering greater transparency and rewards for players which should result in fewer scams taking place. With both VR and AR technology now at stages that deliver amazing results, this new sector will start to take shape over next year.