First Mega Million Winning Of 2017 At Primm Valley Lotto

First Mega Million Winning Of 2017 At Primm Valley Lotto

2017 has just started its year, and in its first month only, and a player from Mega Millions lottery has won some big money. It was revealed that the current winning ticket was purchased on Friday night and this news has been broadcast from Primm Valley Resort and Casino. Here, the ticket was purchased from Primm Valley Lotto store, and the estimated value of this amount was $188 million.

As per the chosen reports, the winning ticket was said to match all the 6 numbers, which were drawn. The numbers, which helped the winner win it big, are 17, 37, 53, 54 and 61. There was a mega ball too of 8.

From the officials:

All the officials of this jackpot stated that winning jackpot was said to be estimated around $188 million. And it was equal to the amount of $112 million, if converted into cash. The area, from where the winning ticket was purchased, has three casinos located nearby. This area was even stated to be a gambling center for individuals, who are willing to travel to Las Vegas from California.

The owner of this ticket said that the winner has the time period of one year, within which, he can claim his winning money. And the store, which sold the ticket, will receive a bonus of around 0.5% of the winning amount. However, the odds of winning over here is quite high. There is a round 259 million to 1, as the odd number counts.

Mega win for sure

This jackpot was rolling since the time, when it was last won in Georgia, and it was on November 18th. And this amount was termed to be the largest, since the $536 million amount of last summer. This jackpot was further won in Indiana and it is considered third largest win in history.

It is quite easy to say that the recent winner of this game is more than excited now. For him, it is more like a dream come true. And with such a huge amount in hand, it is rather like an exciting ride for all.

A winning round of jackpot moves:

In the jackpot session, which started on November 18th, studies have shown that there are more than the 23.7 million winning tickets over here. These are sold at various prize levels, which can be 18 tickets, worth around $1 million or even more than that. The recent jackpot has been resets to $15 million or $8 million in cash, where the next drawing is to be released on January 31st.

Chances are ever increasing:

With so many jackpot tickets and casinos around the world, winning an amount is not that of a difficult task. There are loads of interesting ticket numbers available. And even if the chances are low, still you are about to receive the best winning streaks, over here. All you need is a bit of luck, and the stars will work in your favor. Such wins have already changed lives of millions of people, and you might be the next one in the line.