A BitcoinBitcoin is one of the most recently added options for players to use when making deposits into their online casino accounts. With this option, the players will have a wide set of opportunities omitting the entire banking process from depositing and withdrawing their winnings. While Bitcoin is relatively new, it has been gaining in popularity over the past few years grabbing the attention of mainstream users and businesses alike. Just recently we have seen Bitcoin explode in the media, with companies like microsoft, overstock and dell.com now accepting this cryptocurrency major companies are scrambling to accept bitcoin in the near future as well. The gaming industry has taken notice, and we are seeing several online casinos now adding bitcoin to this list of deposit options, right alongside visa and mastercard. Players are not only intrigued but are eager to learn how it works and once they do, they are most satisfied with the seamless transactions that take place. Much like credit card casinos, bitcoin deposits are near instant, and once approved by the casino players will receive their winnings in just minuets. But unlike using a credit card or bank wire, bitcoin much faster then these traditional methods of withdrawal, in most cases it completely removes the fees associated with these transactions.

Back in 2008 Bitcoin was just an idea, that idea consisted of revolutionizing how people around the world share, spend and save their money. Today, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency that is available with more than 2.5 million users and growing rapidly. Getting started with Bitcoin is easy, first you will want to sign up for a Bitcoin wallet. A wallet is simply where you store your bitcoins, and for this you have several options. The first and most popular would be to use an online wallet such as ‘coinbase’. The second option is to store your bitcoins yourself, on your personal computer. But beware when storing them yourself – if you lose the information to get into them – you will lose complete access to your Bitcoins so always be sure that your information is stored properly. There are several different wallet services out there with some of the most popular being coinbase, blockchain or electrum.

Once your Bitcoin wallet has been established, you can then fund your bitcoin wallet and chose where to spend your cryptocurrency. As for online casinos, players now have the ability to choose from several different bitcoin online casinos. These are traditional online casinos that have simply added bitcoin to their list of deposit options. That said, most of the casinos will offer players the ability to take out big promotions that will double and sometimes triple a player’s initial deposit, allowing them more time at the casino without requiring additional funds to be deposited. Once deposited these funds will be turned into USD (or your currency of choice) within the casinos cashier area, it will then be turned back into Bitcoin once a player requests a cash-out.

Playing at your favorite online casino should be all fun and games and when Bitcoin is your main deposit option, you’ll have just that. Players will have the ability to use their Bitcoin account at the point of signup and throughout membership at their favorite casino. To get started, simply sign up for the casino of your choice, from there you can head to the cashier section of the website where you’ll initiate the transfer of funds from your Bitcoin wallet to the online casino. Each of the casinos will make things easier for players by offering detailed instructions on how to complete a Bitcoin deposit.

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