All-New Progressive Jackpot Presented In 2017 By Omni Casino

All-New Progressive Jackpot Presented In 2017 By Omni Casino

All the gambling lovers are well acquainted with the beauty of Omni Casino. And this gaming giant has begun the New Year in the most extravagant way possible. It has recently launched a new giant of a game, in this year 2017. And that game is termed as Jackpot Giant. It is primarily termed as the Playtech video slot. It comes with the progressive jackpot, which is at present, launching an amount of $6.2 million. Well, this is not a low amount and is enough to excite some of the gambling lovers, right here.

Biggest option of the lot

Well, this Playtech Video Slot is defined as the biggest progressive jackpot, by far, and currently procured from Omni Casino. This is recently dwarfing some of the nearest competitors, which is somewhat around $1.3 million. This is enough to prove the best step forward, which has been taken by this casino giant. And this introduction of the progressive jackpot is soon to steer the whole of gambling world with its popularity. There are so many interesting types of services, currently available around here.

More about the jackpot giant

If you want to play this progressive jackpot and get to the winning streak, then you might want to know a bit more about this game. Jackpot Giant comprises of 5 reels and even 50 pay lines video slots. These are going to take you back to the Stone Age and will provide a nostalgic feel. For enhancing the attractive quotient, the lower paying symbols are brightened up with colored crystals and even the chosen playing card icons, are further sculpted in stone.

For the better playing options, there are two versions available of the bigger fellow stacked, on the two adjacent rows. One of these sectors shows you behind a volcano, and the other one is presented behind a clump of trees. Furthermore, you will be welcomed to a fistful of gold coins awards. These are scattered around payouts, which are again multiplied by the total number of the bet.

Giant bonus is triggered

The Giant bonus is triggered whenever the volcano symbol erupts. That can only happen when the volcano symbols landed on reels 1 and 5. This type of bonus game is equivalent to pick object type, on the adjacent second screen. It is the duty of every player to pick three of the available six volcanoes, which are displayed on random bonus amounts. You even have the right to reveal your Extra pick option or go for the Win All Option.

Primary feature to watch out for

The main feature of jackpot Giant is to go for the progressive jackpot. And it is going to be quite difficult to hit that. For starting this venture, each player needs to play a maximum stake of $4. After that, they have to produce five wild symbols on the first time pay line 1. It should run straight across reels, located in middle row. In case, you come across five wilds on any other of the available pay line; then you have right to win 50,000 times of your current line bet.