Free Mobile Slots Are Always Best Than Desktop Versions

Free Mobile Slots Are Always Best Than Desktop Versions

With such a huge advent of mobile devices, various online casinos are likely to be played on these smartphones. Well, slots for desktop seem to be quite fun but have some restrictions on it. They will never allow you to play some of your favorite slots, while on the go. But, on the other hand, slots for mobile phones will provide you with that opportunity.

If you have a decent internet connection, you can easily play the games, whenever you want to. Thanks to the advent of 4G internet speed, finding any difficult while playing casino mobile slots is not a difficult task, anymore.

Feeling a bit more interactive

Mobile slots are defined to be quite interactive. It works almost like a real slot machine. For pressing that spin button, you can actually use your finger in place of mouse button. With some significant online sites, the mobile slots will be hosted on the same game page like that of the desktop version.

It’s the duty of the game page to detect, whether you are playing on mobile or on the desktop. After judging, the page will load the chosen version for you automatically. In case, you are willing to play the mobile version on desktop, you have to disable the Flash plugin first.

Features to work on

Mobile and desktop gaming versions use the same leaderboard. It will help you to take an active part in competitions and get the chance to win real money. Both versions comprise of same bonuses. Some examples are free spin, jackpots, gamble lower or gambler higher. You can even incorporate some special bonus features, like video poker, shooting the reels and blackjack bonuses.

Due to the same leaderboard, both versions will use similar logins. So, now you have the liberty to move from desktop to mobile and vice versa, without losing your scores. And the best part is that you do not have to remember two different logins ever.

Powered by HTML5

Most of the mobile slots are powered by mobile slots HTML5. It has been around here for quite some time and has proven to offer quality help. At present, some browsers are supporting HTML5 to make it a perfect choice for mobile gamers. Flash can be a great option but comes with lots of flaws. Therefore, Google stopped supporting Flash for its use in the Android devices. Apple has followed the same rule, as well. Therefore, both the companies have striven hard to replace Flash with HTML5.

Proper introduction required

Well, thanks to the modernized technology HTML5 helps in making responsive mobile games. So, the technology is said to fit the screen of your mobile without much problem. Whether you want to play the game in portrait or in landscape mode, you have the liberty to do so.

Now, you do not have to download any third party app, for running a game. It will be supported by HTML5, from first till last. As you are not downloading any third party app, so you are free from any unwanted notification. It makes gaming a whole lot fun, without any distraction.