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Anyone that keeps up with online gambling in various countries across Europe and beyond will know that the laws and regulations surrounding such activities are rarely cut and dried. At one end of the scale, we have the likes of Finland, where the government takes the approach that players are adults and can largely do as they please, and at the other we have perhaps the most famous case of all in the USA, where online gambling was essentially banned outright in the mid-2000s in a climate that is only recently thawing.

Many of the issues stem from the fact that legislation surrounding online gambling never seems to be a priority. Some countries, like the UK, stepped up and decided to take charge in a manner that suited almost all parties. As one of the most valuable gambling locations in the world, the practice was unlikely to ever be banned outright and many of the big-name operators there continue to be just as big today, just with increased oversight from the Gambling Commission.

Germany represents one of those cases where plans for legislation seem to have dropped to the bottom of the in-tray. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of this is the fact that the German gambling industry is worth over €10 billion, and that is the kind of number that every casino would like a piece of. Technically speaking, at least on a national level, online casinos cannot be physically located within Germany. This, naturally, leads players to offshore operators and everything becomes even more complex. Legally, players are free to visit these offshore sites and to create an account. However, from the moment that they place any bet on a game of chance, such as a slot machine, they are in breach of the law. We would argue that doing so does not constitute the crime of the century and the authorities would seem to agree. Nobody has ever been prosecuted for playing at an online casino and we would venture that they never will be.

According to Online Casino Deutschland, four of the best online casinos for German players currently are Lapalingo, Casumo, Omni Slots and 888 Casino. Lapalingo is operated by Rabbit Entertainment, which is licensed and located in Malta, and that is also the case for Casumo. These brands do not actively market to German players, outside of making the sites and the games available in the German language and so they clearly never have any case to answer.

The uncertainty surrounding gambling laws in Germany has had some impact on players. Both Novomatic and Gauselmann took the decision, in 2018 and 2017 respectively, to pull their games from online casinos. However, they are special cases as a significant percentage of revenues for both companies comes from land-based gambling in Germany. Crucially, those percentages far exceed the revenue derived from online German players and the decisions were clearly taken to protect their interests going forward – while the German government has little or no jurisdiction over Malta-based companies, they most certainly could hit Novomatic and Merkur where it hurts across their offline networks.

Even optimistically, German online gambling laws can be considered as being confused at best. However, in an unprecedented move, an individual state decided to take the bull by the horns. In 2011, the local government of Schleswig-Holstein decided that it was going to establish its own gambling laws. This was related to the Interstate Treaty on Gambling, which looked to impose strict restrictions on gambling operators in Germany – officially for the purposes of preventing addiction and fraud. Online gambling was barely mentioned in the treaty but, nevertheless, 15 of the 16 German states agreed to it. The one that did not sign up? Schleswig-Holstein.

The state went ahead and started to issue gambling licenses. Referring once more to Online Casino Deutschland, some of the most popular German casinos hold such a licence, particularly those that are focused exclusively on the German market. Bigger names, once more escaping the jurisdiction of the German government, continue to operate in the country under licenses from the likes of the Malta Gaming Authority.

Since the initial Schleswig-Holstein licenses were awarded, the government has changed leadership, with the new legislators signalling their intention to join the Interstate Treaty. The licenses expired at the end of 2018 following their prescribed six-year terms. As a result, GVC Holdings, which operates brands such as bwin, Ladbrokes and Eurobet, stopped accepting PayPal in Germany in preparation for the expiration of the licence. While the company did not clarify the reasoning in full, it has been speculated that it was an effort to avoid sanctions related to the regulatory situation surrounding wagering in Germany. PayPal was notoriously gambling averse in the early days, and while it is now a respected and widely accepted at casinos throughout Europe and beyond, we cannot imagine that the company would take kindly to its services being utilised in a manner that is even technically against the law.

As things stand, Schleswig-Holstein licenses have been largely phased out, and German players are encouraged to seek out MGA-licensed casinos that are based outside the country for their casino fix. German rules and regulations are still up in the air, not least because the majority of proposals that have been made so far have fallen foul of EU competition laws. There are plenty of options out there – resources such as Online Casino Deutschland are dedicated to reviewing and ranking the top casinos for German players. Those players will undoubtedly be happy to continue as they were for the time being, as a resolution and clarity do not seem to be on the imminent horizon.

The online gambling space has changed a great deal throughout 2018 which is mainly due to new technology allowing for brand new concepts to take place. Another fundamental change has been that Governments around the world are becoming more favorable to allowing gambling to take place under a regulatory framework instead of an outright ban. This is great news for internet casino sites as it opens the doors to attract new players. It will also hopefully help to put an end to the huge black market that was created due to making this form of entertainment illegal.

The major growth so far in 2018 has been seen in the mobile gaming sector with apps for placing bets and playing casino games on the rise. This sector has outgrown all others in the gambling industry and with smartphone technology improving at rapid speed, expect to see it continue to outgrow the other sectors.

Since the introduction of Bitcoin a new sector in the gambling industry has been created and now cryptocurrency gambling is estimated to be worth up to 10% of the total worldwide gambling revenue. It is not just a payment option as casinos have implemented blockchain technology that has created a new provably fair platform along with other benefits such as anonymity. In 2019 this industry will continue to grow as products enter the marketplace that benefits players around the globe.

Casino affiliate partners have never had it so good which has been fuel by the boom in the online competition for places. Casinos are willing to offer a higher revenue share partnerships in order to gain the exposure required to generate new players. Due to the amount of new gambling technology been released every month, it has created a new market that affiliates can focus which has created niche marketing for platforms such as crypto casinos.

So far virtual reality casinos have not taken off but that is about to change in 2019. Companies such as Microsoft and Facebook have been investing millions in VR tech which should help the industry to become mainstream within the next 5 to 10 years. It is not just virtual reality that is been used to create gambling environments as augmented reality is also at our doorsteps thanks to companies such as Majic Leap. Expect to see in influx of this format of the game along with prices for the technology falling dramatically by 2020.


It is a big year for the industry in 2019 as more countries start allowing gambling to take place. In the USA many states are starting to overturn restrictions so in the years to come to expect America to become one of the main hubs for online casinos and sports betting sites. Blockchain technology will continue to transform the industry offering greater transparency and rewards for players which should result in fewer scams taking place. With both VR and AR technology now at stages that deliver amazing results, this new sector will start to take shape over next year.

Big Brother, without a shadow of a doubt the biggest and most successful reality TV series in history. Kicking off over 21 years ago and developed by Dutch TV mogul John de Mol Jr., who also developed the original series of music show The Voice. Big Brother took the UK by storm in 2000 when it debuted on Channel 4, earning overnight acclaim and becoming the nation’s favorite show. The concept was based on the infamous George Orwell novel 1984, where Big Brother represents a totalitarian government that has their eye on everyone and everything, similar to the shows concept, where all house mates are filmed 24 hours a day for the duration of their stay, including the most private moments of their lives.

The show has been riddled with drama and controversy throughout its history, including accusations of racism, false storylines (despite its “Reality claim”) and a lot of television sex. Despite years of calls and complaints to have the show cancelled, it’s still done remarkably well, probably as a side effect of all the aforementioned drama. As Season 22 (yes we can’t believe it either) runs, who’s your money on in the celebrity big brother 2018 betting odds for this year? After the controversy with Roxanne, could Ryan be your guy? How about crooked banker Nick Leeson?

Let us know in the comments, and remember to share it with your friends!

Getting a read on your opponent is a vital part of playing poker at a competitive level. Whether you play a table game or poker online, having the best hand is only the start of the game, you’ll need to make sure you have a focused read on your opponent and play your hand the right way to win the pot.

It might be a bit of a surprise to see some of the major players with quirks and personalities that seem completely separate from the icy cool persona you expect of poker players. Phil Hellmuth is the obvious example, he has the most WSOP bracelet wins in history but has a temper and reputation that’s earned him the nickname ’Poker Brat’. But which famous poker star do you most identify with?

If you’re hoping to find out, just check out this quiz! It’ll ask how you’d handle certain parts of a poker game and how you answer will help us to narrow down which famous poker player you’re most like. Are you a Hellmuth or an Ivey? Or maybe you’re more like a computer-AI designed solely to beat mere mortals at poker? Only one way to find out!

Playing online gambling is a fun thing for those who already know how to master the game. If viewed from viewpoint of the players there are many offers from poker agents that will be profitable and can be enjoyed so the game you do not just ends up in vain. Players should be able to distinguish which agents who give the best deals with agents and who only give false promises. Many agents already have commercial sites that can help the players to learn more about how the poker online game will be. We hope after reading this article, you as the player can see which agents have good and bad credibility. Just for info, over 2,000 people were surveyed said that playing online gambling games, especially poker, could be a big chance to get a lot of money without many efforts. Just studying some tips and tricks and doesn’t be dependent on feeling only, an amateur gambler might be a professional gambler just in a few months. We should be aware that gambling can’t be separated with experience and human psychology.

Offer from Poker Agent

We should be aware that a good poker agent will provide an offer that will benefit the players. The offer can usually be seen and studied by players on existing sites and they can trust. A site from a good agent will provide fast and precise information so that the players can definitely get the best service. Today many sites are already using the 24-hour chat room spaces with operators that will answer every question of the players. The most lucrative offer of course is to bring players together with the right dealer in the game. The agent will bring the players to the right dealer. The right dealer would bring a gambler one step closer to the victory.

In a gambling game, including poker, of course the advantage of money is something that the players are pursuing. A trusted poker agent will give players a bonus option in the correct play system. Players must have a strategy that they will use during the game. For those who are professionals usually already have certain calculations to apply in the game. The calculation applies not only in forex or stock trades, but also in gambling world. To be able making a good calculation, you need to study gradually.

The right calculation will bring the players maximum and lucrative profits so that extensive knowledge of the game is required. Because what is played is money, then choosing a trusted agent is a must. Playing gambling online poker is indeed trivial, but if you can master it is not impossible a great victory you will experience. We hope all information described above could help you in transforming into a good gambling player. You don’t have to win every time, but you should be able to keep your earning stable and consistent day to day. Good luck and happy gambling!

As the world of gamble is evolving at a fast pace, therefore; it becomes quite crucial for you to deal with the right packages, around here. There are so many interesting games available, which the gamblers might want to try their hands out. One such game, which is hard for you to avoid is the Kingdom of Gold. Well, if you are in love with gold and want to incorporate the best graphics in your game, then this package is the right one for you to deal with. The amazing graphics along with the best sound effects are too good for you to avoid. And you will definitely love the feeling, associated with it.

Sticks to the retro feel:

There are so many important types of online spin games available these days, and most of them have a more contemporary style to it. But, if you want something different and want to stick to the retro style, then this game is just the right option for you. This Kingdom of Gold follows the more retro style and will be a perfect game for the old school gamblers. They are hooked up in this game for hours, and will always provide you with the most comprehensive challenges.

A video slot game:

There are some proprietary video slot games, which are ravishing the market, and this one being the top notch among all. These are associated with easy rules and a simple dice game. This dice game is available in its mini version and is used for spicing up the games a little bit. With the help of its classic rules and styles, these games are definitely going to notch up players a little bit more. So, for knowing a bit more about the game, it is mandatory for you to look deep down beneath the surface and discover some more details about this mysterious game.

For the fast start:

In case you are willing to play the fast round, then you need to be aware of the ground rules first. This game is associated with 5 reels and with 5 pay lines. These pay lines and reels are fixed, and cannot be changed. It will hardly take a moment for you to choose the wager, between the 0.10 and 2.50 credits, on single turn. After that, you are all set to start this game. This platform comprises of the classic auto play mode, in case; you are quite in a hurry. The game developers are further working on the volatility of this game, and it will take a while for you to score the winning streaks.

Common symbols to catch on:

Before you try to play this Kingdom of Gold, it is mandatory for you to check on the common symbols first. The most common ones over here are 6 faces of any classic dice along with the number 7 dice. You can easily win around 200 times more than the current wager, you are holding. For that, you need to play the games right, and follow the steps proficiently.

Recently, gambling is addressing a large part of country’s economy. It was associated with physical casinos previously, but now the things have been associated with the online ventures, as well. Smart research has indicated that people are inclining more towards gambling world, both online and offline. And this is going to provide a huge mark in the particular country’s economy. Therefore, this package is definitely going to enhance the value of this service, as well. People are mainly inclining towards online gambling service, as it is easy and convenient enough for you to work on.

Choose the best online gambling site:

There are so many gambling websites available these days. You have to work well to find and choose the best one. And that is only possible, when you have the right ones near your hand. Reputed online gaming websites comprise of multiple games under one platform. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to make the right choice with your favorable gaming spots.  From cards to amazing spin rounds, options are practically limitless around here. And not only that, but the online sites are used in the most comprehensive manner, for easy navigation service. You will come to find the site, you wanted around here.

Go for the options

It is always mandatory to check the kind of games available around here. There are loads of options available and you get to choose the best one around here. These options are going to vary from one chosen website to another. Most of the times, online games are associated with card games. Starting form blackjack to poker, there are loads of options available. And the best part is that you get the chance to choose whichever matches your choice the most. Starting from the basic to the advanced levels, there are loads of options available around here. And you get the chance to choose whichever matches your requirements.

Multiple spin rounds available too:

You will be amazed to know that online gambling world comprises of multiple spin rounds. From offering you with the Cleopatra like vibe to the world under the sea, there are loads of options available over here. And you can choose to play the reliable spin rounds with multiple graphical variations, and matching sound, as well. Choosing the right online casino site is easy, when you are aware of the right points to focus over here. These points are amazing and matched with the flexible requirements of gamblers. Get to choose the one you like, for better play and you will get addicted to it, in no time.

Ways to choose the best:

Apart from checking out the type of games available, you have to choose the best options available over here. Make sure to get along with the credentials of the place, before coming up with the right result. See if the online sites have proper reviews from previous players. If they have, then you are always on the right track. In the end, it’s your game, which will get you too addictive. Make sure to follow these points for a better approach, and making the right choice.

Proper use of card swap and table calculation is important to win a card game in a world of gamble. It has loads of interesting ways and choices for you to follow. And just like any other games, card games need some rules to follow.  These rules are going to change from one game to another. And in some cases, these rules turned out to be a bit complex. However, nothing is impossible and a little bit of knowledge can go a long way. That’s why, purple now have demo accounts to try their luck and know a bit about the card games, before they try their hands on the real game.

Importance of demo account:

Nowadays, you will find at least one demo account for each game separately. There are loads of options available and you can always choose to play the best one. Whether it is a round of poker or you want to try your hand for the blackjack game, there are demos for all. And these demos are currently in use to help you learn about the steps. As you are a novice in this sector, therefore; these demo accounts are going to show you the steps one by one. And the more you proceed in the game, the more they will offer you with some quality results.

Better to start with demo:

New players always think that it is always better to start a round with demo account. As they have no clue regarding the game, therefore; these demo accounts are definitely going to blow their minds. And the best think is that they do not even have to worry about the packages or the other steps over here.  The team is right here, and happy to offer step by step guidance on what the next steps going to be. This will make even the hardest of card games easy.

Available online only:

Those days are long gone when for learning card games; you had to visit the casinos. It is now available online, and right from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is just log online and you will come to love more about the best demo accounts. And once you started playing it, you will get a hang of the card games. And you have the liberty to play the game as your will says. There is no time bound and you can play whenever you want to.

Choose the best demo platform:

Browsing through the Internet will help you to come across so many demo accounts. And you need to choose the one you like. So, make sure to follow your bit of necessary research and choose the finest demo account of all. And once you are through with it, there is no stopping by. You will learn the card tactics in the best possible manner. And you do not even have to pay anyone to learn the tricks. And as you are getting live practical on ways to use the card game steps, so you will learn more perfectly.

As per the latest newsfeed, Philippines is all set to provide online gambling companies with more POGO licenses. The Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator license is a talked about venture, which finally came into being. The current PAGGOR chair, Andrea Domingo was heard telling the reporters in news conference at ASEAM gaming summit regarding the second batch of the gaming operators online, who are likely to receive this license. And these are going to be awarded to them.

Number of applications and more:

At present, there are practically 78 applications, right in front of him, and all trying to get that POGO license. However, not all of them have the liberty to get those licenses, as only a few are entitled to get it. In the speech, Domingo was heard emphasizing more on the importance, which POGO licenses hold in achieving the PAGCOR’s current PHP60 billion. It is likely to exceed to PHP65 billion as the current revenue target of this year, 2017.

More on PAGCOR collection:

Recently, PAGCORwas known to collect more than PHP1 billion in processing and licensing fees. It was done when the team issued 35 offshore gaming licenses. And these are associated with the last fall as major part of initial roll out. This roll out was a significant part of the new gaming regime, as created by Duterte administration.

As per the rules and regulations implemented, with each licensee, Pagcoris known to be charged processing and application fees of the current $50,000 noted for e-casino. And it was also be charged of $40,000 for the sports betting sector. And upon the approval of the license, another round of $200,000 and $150,000 will be marked respectively.

Safeguard the welfare:

The main aim of this POGO license is to currently safeguard the Filipinos welfare, alongside matching the revenue target of agency. Here, it helps in funding government in its nation building programs. This is a noble cause, by stated by the members of the POGO community and this license is surely going to give some new working realms to the online casino owners.

Bidding out online gaming contracts:

Domingo further announced that it is trying to bid the service contract out for the online gaming operators. And these are mostly associated with the e-Games network. It was stated that the state regulator was known to have already approved the reference terms for creating e-Games network. Now, the public bidding of the e-games network will take place by the end of this month or even within April’s first week.

Previously, the state regulator awards the service contract of certain online gaming sectors automatically. And it was given to the gaming technology provider of Philippines, PhilWeb Corporation. But now, it was decided by PAGCOR that this current awarding of service contract is likely to take place through a certain public bidding, after following the Republic Act 9184. This is going to enhance a fair play among other online gaming operators, and no one is going to be given any extra privilege. It is going to be a game changing option for all.

It is astonishing to seen the global growth of poker, these days. This game is defined to be the sole property of the smoky casinos in Las Vegas, and now has been practiced on a global rate. Millions of people are now trying to play this round with ease, and earning great value. Therefore, it is not quite shocking if you see the ever growing rise of poker, at present scenario.

And with the explosion of online poker, you might come across countless players, willing to work on the virtual chips, which are available right now. Whether you want to play the demo round of poker or just want to deal with the real money games, you have the liberty to do so.

Online poker in craze:

At this present moment, online poker is always in craze. There are multiple forms of gaming challenges, which are currently taking place, these days. People hardly have the time to visit the casinos and always try to go for the online panels. And nowadays, there is a growing craze of playing online poker, rather than visiting the casinos physically.

Some of the online gaming sites have worked with heat map on tracking yearly growth to show the areas, where pokers are exploded on scene. And in some parts of the world, especially in North America a huge craze in poker games can be seen in the year 2006. Depending on the place and yearly count, the number is likely to change. However, you can check out the recent surveys, by going online.

Not a static norm:

Well, this growth in the online poker round is not static, and has been proven to be flexible. And in the past few years, this growth has been a truly ravishing one. There was always an ever-growing craze, but not always. The poker base was not always that promising, and some years saw a heavy downfall of this section. However, this is not the case always, as the graph shows ever growing popularity of this panel.

Global game in 2013:

Even though Americans might claim poker to be their game, but this notion has been changed from 2013. From this time onwards, poker has seen a new ray of hope, and has gulped the entire gambling community. So, at present, you will come across the best deals on poker with more winning streaks than ever. And the best part about this game is that it can be played by following few simple steps. You do not always have to be a gambling pro, to play a round of poker.

Online help is always available:

If you are a novice and do not have ideas to play a round of poker, online sites are ready to offer help. They are offering step by step procedures with expert guidance to work on. So, by just following those points, you will be able to handle the poker games in no time. There are multiple options, which are waiting for you to handle, and with a craze towards online poker round.

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