Casinos Are Now Dominated By Sports Betting In Some Parts Of The World

Casinos Are Now Dominated By Sports Betting In Some Parts Of The World

In some parts of the world, especially in South Africa, casinos are always considered to be the king, until now. There is an increasing rise in sports betting in this part, and it is growing like a massive net, these days. The casino industry of this country remains finest player in the current gambling market. However, with such a growing demand of sports betting over here, you cannot always be sure of this point.

Checking on the latest calculative motives:

It was few days back when the PwC published its much anticipated 5th edition of the current gambling outlook for South Africa. It is likely to cover up the current data, which was taken till the end of 2015. And the forecast was made, as far as 2020. PwC in its current calculation truly believes that the gambling industry of South Africa is likely to enjoy a compound annual growth of 6%, from until 2020. If this calculation is worth consideration, then the annual revenue will be pushed to R34.8b from the current state of around R26b, as can be seen in 2015.

Some recent statistics to carry on:

As per the same report as presented this forecast, the revenue of casino grew to an amount of 6.7% to the R18.6b in the year 2015. And the casino grow this likely expected to be of the worthy amount of R22.4b by the end of 2020. However, the share of the vertical can be quite striking, if you start comparing on the overall pie. Casinos are currently accounted for an amount of 70% as per the overall growth of 2015 gambling revenue. The amount was down from 2014, when it was 73%, and which can again down from the 81% count in the year 2011.

Taking by the betting world:

This gambling decreasing amount is solely because of the LMP and betting operators. They are practically eating out the share of the Casino’s segment. The LMPs are based, just outside casino and can always provide a lower price gambling session. Here, the reported revenue is of R2.4b in the year 2015. And this amount is increasing by 13.7% on an annual basis. It is further expected to go for another double digit shortly if the growing craze remains like this. However, it has also been forecasted that the believe growth is likely to slow down a bit, which can enrich the LMP market’s worth of nearly R3.4b by the end of 2020.

Time for the real star:

At present, the market’s real star is horserace and other sports betting, which is strikingly growing at a good rate. In the year 2015, it rose to a certain amount of 28.5% and the rate was around R4.4b. the gains are mainly driven by the world of sports betting, and this segment has dramatically improved to 52%. It has grown to a fast good extent within a short time span of 5 years, and it rose to the current segment of 54% of the entire betting revenue in the year 2015. And it was just 22% in 2011.