5 things you can learn from Gambling experts

It takes a lot of skill to become a professional gambler and only a handful of people at a time ever make a living from it, but here’s a look at five of those skills you’re going to need:


The number one skill that a gambling expert has over others is discipline.  Many players when they lose big will put a big bet on straight away without thinking straight, hoping they can redeem all or some of their losses.  These bets are made on nothing more than hope, with little research taking place before making the bet.  The bet often made on the next upcoming event rather than patiently waiting for an event they have confidence in.  Likewise, some when they win big like to invest all or large sums of their winnings into their next bet instead of sticking to a limit.  Both of these ill-disciplined tactics see gambling hopefuls lose in the long run.


From knowing their odds, potential returns, profits and losses – professional gamblers are pretty good at maths.  Or they have a calculator to hand.  With this they will know when they see value.  Either in a casino, horse racing or spots – the odds play a big part in the value of the bet and having a good understanding of maths helps them determine whether it’s worth making the bet or not.

Financial Control

Gambling experts know about looking after money.  They withdraw at the right time, they only stake a certain amount of their overall bankroll, they know how much to deposit.  They keep a close eye on their income and outgoings so that they know how much they need to bring in for the day/week/month or how much they can afford to lose during the same period.  They also take advantage of casino bonuses and such which is basically free money to them.

Record Keeping

One of the most important things about becoming a professional gambler is to keep a record of everything.  What bet you placed, why, the amount, the returns, why the outcome occurred.  This helps them see which areas they’re good at – it may be at a certain game at the casino that makes them the most of the money, it may be a type of football bet that they’re repeatedly losing at.  There may be one sports team in particular that they know better than others.  Keeping a record of every activity allows them to look through their sheets and determine what is working for them and what is not.

Realistic Expectations

Gambling experts don’t tend to bet on a 20/1 longshot in hope that it will put them in black for the month.  Likewise, they don’t expect to win 100% of their bets.  However, they do have an idea of what is realistic for the day/week/month and how much they can realistically win in any one period.  None of them expect to be rich overnight but with their realistic expectations and discipline they know they are capable of making a living from gambling over time.