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Want to lead a simple and stress-free life?  Well before you do please check out the ‘How Zen are you Quiz’ and find out how Zen you are!

People who lead a Zen life typically follow these essential rules but if you want an injection of more Zen in your life or equally give a bit Zen advice to family or friends. Then it might be worth checking out these Zen products.

Miniature Desktop Zen Garden

Unfortunately, we cannot all be monks but this gets pretty close to it.  Why not check out a Zen Garden for your desktop at work, it comes complete with white sand, candle holder, rocks and even a rake. You can place this anywhere and go into complete calmness whenever you use the Zen Garden.

Japanese Tea Set

Traditionally, matcha tea is used for this, but we will not tell anyone if you use the more usual black tea, historically the Japanese ceremony in which the tea is prepared and presented is regarded as one of the most relaxing activities, plus who is not calm whilst enjoying a cuppa – it is even better if you include a couple of Hob-Nobs!

Online Zen Games

Why not absorb Zen with online slots machine game, a fantastic new game is Paws of Fury who is a lighted hearted zen practicing his Zen skills in the backdrop of a Japanese garden. Its fun way to practice the Zen culture.

Yoga Meditation mat

Meditation should be completely relaxing and pain free! Well why not purchase a extra comfy Yoga matt which supports your knees and ankles. Ideally try and find one that is environmental friendly and has memory foam that will cushion your hands and feet for a solid balance!

Ever been to a Casino and felt like a fish out of water? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Seeing as North America alone has an incredible 1,623 Casinos, it’s probably worth understanding a few of the finer details! This super easy to follow “Do’s & Don’ts Guide” gives you a rundown of what rules to follow and how to make friends under the bright lights of the Casinos. For instance, did you know, most Casinos will give free soft drinks like soda and coffee to their customers to keep them playing, although it’s customary to tip the waiter or waitress!

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