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It’s been over 100 years since the San Francisco-born inventor, Charles Fey, brought us the iconic Liberty Bell. This is often referred to as the first ever slot machine, and there’s no question that it was the Liberty Bell’s instant success in the States which brought gambling machines into mass production across the globe.

However, thanks to serious advancements in technology over the past few decades, and a move online somewhere in the nineties, slots have evolved almost beyond recognition.

Just take a quick browse on the web; you’ll find hundreds of slot games now available to play right from the comfort of your home. In fact, you can even enjoy the same quality and speed of gameplay on the go, with the ever-expanding range of online casino apps custom-built for iOS and Android smartphones.

And today’s online slots are all about providing the player with more – more immersive gameplay, more pay-lines, more colours, more animations, more imaginative themes and (perhaps most importantly) more bonus features.

Whilst bonus features can help players reap in bigger cash rewards, it does mean that playing is no longer as simple as it was a century ago. You don’t just pull a lever and watch 3 mechanical reels spin. You need to wrap your head around the likes of ‘sticky wilds’, ‘cascading reels’ and ‘progressive jackpots’ to make the most out of your spins.

That’s why we’ve devised this handy breakdown on some of the most common bonus features found in today’s games. Once you’ve got these definitions under your belt, you’ll be spinning the slots like a pro in no time.

Thinking of starting to play Blackjack but you have not read any rules yet?… Well stop right there! You need to check out this essential guide to the most profitable starting hands.  If you go in cold with no research you may lose out on some quick wins. This guide will give you the basics in ensuring how to start correctly and play smart.

Equally as important when on playing online, you need to ensure you pick the right online casino to play at. Now with an overwhelming amount online casinos to choose from, it can be pretty tough to work out which one suits you the best.  Plenty of online places offer a free casino bonusbut you need to choose the right bonus for you.  For example, if you wish to play purely live casino there’s no point benefiting from free spins offers, you should look for bespoke promotional offers that tailor to your needs.  Look at BGO for instance, they offer two types of welcome bonuses depending on whether you would like to play slots or live dealer. For instance, you can get a £5 golden chip which is playable on blackjack and other table games such as roulette and baccarat.

Why do we think you should play online instead of casinos? Well, you are spoilt for choice with the type of blackjack you wish to play .e.g European or American, also you do not even have to step outside of your house or if you wish… you could play at 3 in the morning from your own bed! Just simply sign up and a live croupier will be available.

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